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PostSubject: Nekaia   Nekaia Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2011 3:57 pm

Nekaia Liarabiotic

[- Name -]

[- Age -]
103 (Maiden Stage)

[- Gender -]
Obviously, being of a genderless race, she has no gender, but in human eyes she would be regarded as female.

[- Race -]

[- Affiliations -]
None, as of current.

[- Birthplace -]

[- Parents -]
Father: Seriya - Asari
Mother: Tazzik - Salarian (Male, but due to the fact that the Asari is the partner that makes the genes of the child, they are always considered the father, despite race or gender)

[- Personality -]
Still in her Maiden stage of life, she is relatively young for an Asari, and still burns with the hot fires of youth. She is fairly quick to temper, and will always be the first to throw a punch - a punch, albiet, smothered in biotic energy. When able to reflect on herself, she becomes shockingly more mature, though, she seldomly arrives at a quiet moment. Despite her headstrong approach to almost all things, Nekaia is incredibly loyal to those she trusts.

[- Appearance-]
Nekaia dislikes getting pulled down by the heavy armours of the era, prefering the bare minimum of an omni-tool and a personal shield. The quicker she can move, the faster she can get in her enemy's face with a fistful of raw biotic power. Clothing wise, she wears tight fitting, lightweight Phoenix armour.

[- Armour Details -]
Phoenix Armor is manufactured by Sirta Foundation and has a complex medigel applicant system. Relatively inexpensive, it has reasonable shields but offers little damage protection. It is very light, and bodytight, offering max flexibility and combat movement.

Interestingly enough, the Sirta Foundation, (the Biomedical firm responsible for the invetion of medi-gel), refuses to create any weapons, renown for their humanitarian efforts.

[- Primary Weapon -]

[- Secondary Weapon -]

[- Vehicle/Ship -]

[- Short Bio -]
Born on Sanves, a fairly prosperitous Asari colony, Nekaia was the daughter of a wealthy Salarian entrepreneur and his wife, Nekaia's mother. There, she grew up, but unfortunately, as Nekaia was only the age of thirty, when her father Tazzik died, at the respectable age of fifty - a long life for a Salarian. Shortly after her Father's death, she left her home to hone her biotic powers, and eventually enlisted in the Asari military. After serving a good twenty years of her life as a part of Sanves' military force, she slipped away, efffectively deserting, to become entwined in Illium's under city and black markets. Eventually, she even became involved in the Eclipse sisters, before leaving Illium altogether, to visitt Omega.

In Omega, however, and despite her military training, she was captured by Aria's thugs, and made one of the Asari pole dancer's against her will, for two, long, humiliating years. Nekaia found a chance to escape, during a fairly bloody shoot-out between two local Omega gang's. She knew revenge would get her no where, especially against someone such as Aria. She returned back to Illium for some time after that, before eventually being drawn back to Omega once more, the air of hate, the taste of violence, the smell fo fear...luring her back once more.

[- Skills -]

{ | | | | | | | | | | }
All Asari are born with naturally powerful biotics, some choice not to implement it, others choose to develop their abilities. One has to have developed their biotics to even be considered for recruitment into Asari military. Having spent most of her maiden life developing her biotics, they are formidably powerful.

{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Her agility and combat movements have been honed in the military and then in her mercenary life.

Heavy Pistols
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Her training mostly focused on her biotics, but of course, she has learnt to utilise lightweight pistols, but with heavy enough hits to still do some damage. While still prefering her biotics, she does see the need to use conventional weaponry during combat.

{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Nekaia has a very strong will, her personality defined by the hardening trials of her life.

Forceful Persuasion
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Using her natural gift of Asari 'melding', she can attempt to force weaker willed people to her bidding. For reference, think Morinth's ability to control Shepard.

[- Alignment -]
{ | | | | | | | | | | }

[- Inventory -]
- - Armory - -
x1 Lightly Arrmoured Bodysuit
x1 M-5 Phalanx
x1 Personal Shield System

- - Personal - -
x1 Omni-tool

[- Tasks -]
-Find herself some sort of employ
-Amass herself a confortable amount of credits
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