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 The Merchants Union: Overview

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The Merchants Union: Overview Pbucket


The Merchants Union is a group of merchants and tradesmen whom dedicate themselves to selling and trading items, weapons, and sometimes work all across Oldenland. They provide the resources, supplies, money, and economy in all cities and towns, especially in Talibar. They sell and buy products, give quests/tasks, and are usually well respected (or envied.)

Uniform and Ranking

As a trader, one is free to wear whatever they may please. There are no ranks, nor requirements to joining/being a part of the Union.

How to Join

You join ICly -and- OOCly. Simply make an application in the Applications section. Be sure you read the Format first! Once you're done applying, post a roster entry in the Roster. Don't be afraid to get creative, after-all, your character is applying ICly, as you are OOCly.

You'll need three accepts for your applications. Anybody can accept it. Administrator's acceptance don't give you an extra boost. When accepting a person, you must post reasons on why you are accepting it. You may also deny it! Just make sure to speak your mind about the person, and your opinion as to why they should be accepted, or denied.


All Merchants Union traders must:
1. Obey the law and the Guard when under watch. Do not sell products that they may not approve of unless you are sure they can never know of it.
2. Sell products effectively, efficiently, and at a reasonable, fair price.
3. Log your transactions. Transaction Reports
4. Avoid violent reactions or actions when on trading duty.
5. Have a healthy, safe work station. Establish a legit work area.
6. Be clean and welcoming.
7. Respond to customers calmly, collectively, and smartly.
8. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages on the job as they may impair your ability to calculate transactions correctly.

If there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, you may post them in the OOC Discussion thread.

If a member is creating OOC problems, please report them to me, GeoWulf, directly on forums or over SF.

If there's anything that needs adding, just let me know.
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The Merchants Union: Overview
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