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 The Order of Tyr: Overview

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The Order of Tyr: Overview Pbucket

[Original writing and faction by Meow]


The Order of Tyr follows a tradition of snuffing out the dark forces in the world. Knights and Paladins of the Order cross the land, destroying evil and protecting the innocent. They follow Tyr mainly, along with Lathander. They are sworn enemies of Vampires, Necromancers, Demons, Orcs, and all other evils. The Order sometimes does not trust magic, even though some decide use it. The faction accepts any race, gender, and any good or neutral alignment. The Master/Mistress of Justice will chose his/her successor from among the Paladins and Priests.

History of the Order

Sir Vairas the Cunning was an upstart paladin who thought he would make a better Master of Justice. Vairas had always been distrusted by the other paladins, but he was useful, and that's what mattered. After an elaborate operation, which cut the Master of Justice off from most of his forces, Vairas led his rebels in an attack on the Order's castle; Justice Master Terinus Gavinrad led his small force in the defense of the castle. Hours away, the Order's main army, led by Varian Justicebringer, had been sent on a false mission concerning the threat of an undead army; To their dismay, nothing was found, and they began the trek home; Unfortunately they did not know what was unfolding back at Talibar.
Back at the Order's castle, the loyalist forces (Numbering around 20) were holed up in the keep; Surrounded by over 100 rebel knights, paladins, and others. Slowly, after hours of fierce fighting, the keep was stormed and Gavinrad and his loyalists were slain; the loyalists took Vairas and nearly half of the rebel force with them. After Vairas's death, his second-in-command took control of the battered rebel force and began hanging up the bodies of the loyalists. Minutes later, seeing the fires from the castle, Varian Justicebringer, leading the Order's army, charged into the castle, a quick battle ensued. The rebels were slaughtered and after much debate, a council of paladins chose Varian Justicebringer to lead the Order into a new age.

Uniform and Ranking

The Ranks are as follows:

Master/Mistress of Justice - Leader of the faction, said to be chosen by Tyr himself. He or she commands all operatives of the faction. They can use any types weapons, and they wield the power to heal wounds and can use their powers as a weapon. They usually know white magic.

Paladin - Only the strongest Knights are chosen to be among the ranks of the Paladins, the strongest warriors of the faction besides the Justice Master/Mistress. They use any types of weapons (Swords, maces, or axes are the norm, however). They have the ability to heal wounds and use white/light-spells. (Usually things like bind, or blind)
Knight - Basic warriors of the faction, they are made of nobility who wish to dedicate themselves to the Order. They are elite fighters and usually very cunning. They can use any types of weapons.
Priest - Those who spread the word of the faction, Tyr, and Lathander, they may either travel the land, or stay in a single town/city and spread the word with church sessions. They have the power to heal wounds and use their holy powers as weapons against enemies.
Apprentice - A young man or woman who has been deemed worthy to enter the ranks of the Order of Tyr. He or she serves a specific Knight or Paladin, learning skills from their master, usually armed with a sword or bow. Sometimes they can serve a Priest, if they wish to use magic. During their time as an apprentice, they are trained by members of the Order.

How to Join

You join ICly -and- OOCly. Simply make an application in the Applications thread. Once you're done applying, post a roster entry in the Roster. Don't be afraid to get creative, after-all, your character is applying ICly, as you are OOCly.

You'll need three accepts for your applications. Anybody can accept it. Administrator's acceptance don't give you an extra boost. When accepting a person, you must post reasons on why you are accepting it. You may also deny it! Just make sure to speak your mind about the person, and your opinion as to why they should be accepted, or denied.


The tenets are as follows:
1. Do not kill, or steal from other Order members.
2. Carry out any tasks given, to the fullest extent.
3. Do not stir rumors or suspicious activity about the Order or any of its members.
4. Follow all directions, orders, and instructions.
5. Do not practice dark arts. You will be slain if you are caught attempting any dark magic or acts.
6. Do not lie to, or about another member to anyone in the Order.
7. Do not begin/halt/continue a job without authorization from a superior.
8. Do not question the beliefs or actions of the Order.
9. Do not harm anyone unless they oppose the Order of Tyr to the point of hostility.
10. React and act in a mannerly way before resorting to violence.

If there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, you may post them in the OOC Discussion thread.

If a member is creating OOC problems, please report them to me, GeoWulf, directly on forums or over SF.

If there's anything that needs adding, just let me know.
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The Order of Tyr: Overview
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