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 What is the Council?

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What is the Council? Empty
PostSubject: What is the Council?   What is the Council? Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 7:09 am


Quote :
The Council solves common issues, some of which may be overlooked by the superiors of the community. As a Councilor, one would discuss things such as events, and issues which need to be corrected. Every decision goes through the Council first. Every. Once the Council, as a whole, has reached a verdict, the results are submitted to the administrators to review and discuss on their own time.
Each Council member must be a Respected, responsible player. Not everyone will get a chance to be in the Council, as it is a hectic duty and an even greater acknowledgment. In a nutshell, it would seem all Councilors are just players that have earned respect from the entirety of the community, and with this respect, are granted a position in the Council. They also are elected by the entire community.
People from the Council are also candidates for Administrator slots when the time counts for it, which is unlikely. But, if an administrator is pulled off or leaves the team, then a Councilor will be elected to replace them.
Meetings are held once (or if needed, twice) a week unless something comes up that must be conformed. Set meetings are also possible in cases which everyone in the Council has to gather to discuss something.
The Council is very important. If something or someone is a problem, they the ones who discuss it first, and then they send their results to the administrators, this essentially makes up a double verification. This process might seem slow, but it is actually very effective, orderly, and gets more done.
At max, the Council can be no more than 8 people. 6 is the recommended amount.

As a ridiculous example, let's say we have a player named, "FooPoo."
The Council decides that this person is a problem for the server, they powergame and metagame, and possibly even have poor roleplay. However, the Council may make a decision in which FooPoo is not kicked, but, rather, taught how to roleplay and shown his mistakes and how to correct them.
However, the administrators may say something different, and if this is the case, and there seems to be no agreement, both the Council and the Admins will confirm the subject answer together.

And with this, you have, your everyday players, as WELL AS the management team, working together to make the roleplay experience great.

(This list is ever expanding, and thus, should be reviewed every so often.)[/list]
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What is the Council?
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