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 Important Information about Hamachi

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PostSubject: Important Information about Hamachi   Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:00 pm

Hamachi is a program that creates a network, between computers, that acts as if all the computers were connected physically. Hamachi is a free program for connections between up to 16 computers at once. If we wanted more, we'd need to buy the premium, which is up to 24, or the pro, which is up to 256...I don't think we'll need them.

I'm hoping for us to use Hamachi as a donationless server. In this way, people may see if Olden is worth the investment needed for a dedicated server.

Hamachi is very easy to install As well as being very small.


Once there, and after you move through the tutorial, attempt to connect to the network "Olden Roleplay".

You'll find that you need a password--You'll need to ask me for that. I'm not putting it out in the open.

As far as Gmod Interaction with Hamachi--It's really as simple as connecting to the Network. Once there, you will find the server listed on your friends, and eventually on history--if none of this works, ask for the IP, and use it with conjunction with this command--

Connect *IP Address here*

We have not fully tested Hamachi's abilities--however, we do know that nothing is needed to host the server. All you do is "Create Server" and it will appear to the others on the network. We do not know how stable it is with more players, nor do we know if another person other than the person that created the network can host a server. We will be doing a few tests to learn this and more.


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Important Information about Hamachi
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