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 The Priory of Scorn - Admin-Only Faction (for a good reason)

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PostSubject: The Priory of Scorn - Admin-Only Faction (for a good reason)   Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:08 am


The Priory of Scorn is a religious house that worships and serves under the god Ao. They are above the law, and serve somewhat for the Talibarian Council.. They are paid to do anything the Council feels needed... but in some cases they are requested by Ao himself (or the Grandmaster, speaking -for- him) to do something. They can do anything, including pay factions (or its members) to commit actions requested by the Empire. They can also assassinate any person that needs it (AKA people who get too overpowered) and overrule even the Talibarian Guard and Order of Tyr. They participate in rituals and meetings that are meant to do something for Talibar or among themselves. They Basically, they are an administrator tool, that can do anything ICly... when needed. But they do not fight wars.

Who's in it?

Asking for a position can guarantee they won't get it. Members can consist of the Basic Administrators and Moderators, as well as the Server Administrators, BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE GIVEN THE OFFER.

OOC Purpose

The entire purpose of the Priory is for the Administrators to be able to easily handle IC problems when they come up, ICly. Do note that Priory members never appear in town unless they are in disguise, or out of uniform, acting as a regular commoner.


I'm posting this here so nobody gets confused if the subject is ever brought up.
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The Priory of Scorn - Admin-Only Faction (for a good reason)
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