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 Welcome to Olden.

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PostSubject: Welcome to Olden.   Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:39 am


Welcome to Olden/Aeria, Olden referring to the community, and Aeria referring to the RP theme (set in the world of Aeria). Aeria is based upon a massive combination of many RPG/fantasy genres you might recognise. It has a ridiculous amount of lore, contributed, in most part, by it's players. To take a look at said library of lore, look no further than here. However, the Library is indeed large, and I wouldn't reccomend dredging through it quite yet.

You'll want to introduce yourself to the community, or we wont know who you are. You can do so here.

Great, we should have some idea of who you are now. Now, the next important part is to apply for a character to RP with. Olden uses an application system so as to make sure that all characters are powerful within acceptable limits. To apply for a character, you should start here, in the approval section. If you'd like to see other character pages for inspiration, do feel free to check the character section (basically characters that have been accepted).

W.I.P becuase lazy.

Will update this later, basically re-doing Geowulf's old, not very useful welcome page.
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Welcome to Olden.
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