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 **Newspaper Article** --An all out assault on the Keep?

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PostSubject: **Newspaper Article** --An all out assault on the Keep?   Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:50 am

Quote :
An all out assault on the Keep?
Date: 4/4
Author: Rol Pederson
Just a day after an assassin brought terror into the heart of the government,an even more horrifying turn of events has taken place; A murderous, blatant assault by Former Surna Captain Thorn Razel and cohorts?
Razel and two other men were seen climbing the wall separating the Keep from the outside of town; Several Guardsmen spotted them and moved to their location. But as they came closer, a man, bearing strange, black armour, cast strange, dark magics upon the guardsmen. Two were slaughtered immediately, and Razel leapt to finish the third. The fourth, however, managed to ring the bell, warning the several dozen other guardsmen stationed. They moved to engage, surrounding the intruders. They refused to surrender, and as they opened fire, Razel leapt over the wall, trailing blood; The strange dark mage disappeared in a ball of fire.
Manhunts have been sent, and a 2,000 gold reward is being offered for either. If you know anything about their wereabouts or motives, you are encouraged to speak to a guardsmen.

OOC: Again, I leave it up to you to ICly decide whether you believe it or not.
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**Newspaper Article** --An all out assault on the Keep?
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