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 Relative History of Olden

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The recorded history of the known world is split into ages, each a distinct and fascinating period of its own.

The Eve

Before it all, there was nothing but a muddled grey existance. Nothing took shape, and nothing was permanent. Then Ao sifted the existence and formed two, base, concrete forms--Light and Dark. He formed the "Crystal Sphere" around the two, protecting it from the outside nothingness. Ao then took the two forms and shaped from them caretakers to keep the forms from coming together again. These became the first, Primal Gods-Ilithar and Uluthar, Light and Darkness. These Gods each formed their own realms and servants from their domain, working to keep a grasp on the seperation between the two forms, as Ao had tasked them. From Ilithar came Kossuth and Lathander. From Uluthar came Selune and Shar. These four beings created their own realms and servants. This cycle continued, with hundreds upon hundreds of various realms and servants being created, along with new ideas and therefore new caretakers. It was then an incredible thing happened. At the focal point of several hundreds of thousands of realms, the energies mixed..and formed a realm unconnected to any god or caretaker. A world of thunderous change and possibility--Aeria.
(Do note that each God has constantly changing portfolios--over time, their actual title--Say, Lathander, god of Spring, was then something else, and their title has changed as time has gone on.)

Days of Thunder

When Aeria was originally nothing but a crusted wasteland, with craggy mountains rising above all, only the dragons existed. Forged from the titanic energies that shaped and formed the world, rising from the soil, the dragons are the first and truest beings of Aeria.
As soon as Aeria was discovered, it was immediately pulled into the endless and furious struggle between the children of light and darkness. Each side rushed to seize the advantage, which of course led to conflict. The two forces engaged in a war that twisted and tore apart the very realm itself; but, focused as they each were on their bitter enemies, and arrogant enough to believe they were invincible, they paid no mind to the native inhabitants of the realm--to their undoing.
The dragons attacked swiftly and viciously, utilizing energies of both light and darkness, forcing the invaders from their realm. Enraged by the dragon's interference, Uluthar and his children endlessly besieged Aeria, while Ilithar and his Ilk waited to see what became of this.
The dragons fought with ferocity and cunning, but eventually even they began to wear against the immortal beings of darkness. It was then when Ilithar and the beings of light came to the dragons and forged a pact--in return for peacefully allowing beings of light to enter the realm, and for the beings to enter into a caretakership of the realm, taking on the portfolios introduced by the realm and entering their own portfolios, the beings of light would help protect the realm and the dragons would be allowed to live undisturbed.
The dragons eagerly agreed, and thousands of lesser beings of light entered into the world, eager to cultivate the realm, and several higher beings took on the portfolios of various aspects of the world.
The combined forces struck the beings of darkness with crushing force, once again forcing them from the world.
The concept of a pact startled and infuriated the children of Uluthar, and sent a rift between the once united beings--some, like Selune, Shar, Mystra, Ibrundal, hurried to form a pact of their own with the dragons--Who, after proving their sincerity, were accepted--while others, like , Baator, Sin, Bane, Myrkul, Leira, Bhaal, Loviatar and many others, including nearly all of the modern day "Dark Powers", formed their own pact under the convincing and enraging words of Sylornath.

The pact with the dragons was sealed in what is now modern day Sida--A spot where the powers of nearly every realm and the loyalty of every god involved was tied, and then distributed,throughout the world--The Black Pyramid, near Modern Day Nasii. Mystra, being the most trusted and loyal daughter of Selune, was given the responsibility of taking the portfolio of the "weave", the resulting energy field from the pyramid. This simple act has created a long standing feud between the two sisters of darkness--Shar, jealous and outraged that Selune did not consider her, would later create her own, yet weaker, weave--tied to a point deep in the underdark, and formed of the powers of her own realm--later breaking ties between her and the Aerian pact, switching her allegiance to the Pact of Vengeance.

Sylornath, on the other hand, convinced the remaining greater gods of darkness to form the "Pact of Vengeance", whose members would devote themselves to the destruction of the members of the Aerian Pact and the beings of light, through means of corruption, trickery, betrayal, and destruction. Thus the members of the pact began to warp and deform their servants to the purposes of the pact, creating beasts of war, manipulation, deceit--the first "Demons".


Era of Upheaval
    Timeline : 1358 ER to present(29 ER)

The Era of Upheaval is the name given, in 1358 ER, until present day.
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Relative History of Olden
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