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 Overview: Path Finders

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Overview: Path Finders Empty
PostSubject: Overview: Path Finders   Overview: Path Finders Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 5:25 pm

Overview: Path Finders Symbol_by_xyzofart

A group of freelancing mercenaries, rogues, regenades, rangers, and rebels, who do not follow the law, but will do everything to preserve the peace. They are like freedom fighters who fight against the Upper Class who rule the land, will break the law to help the lower classes

There is no standard set of armor, and you will not receive one unless under special conditions. You must wear the crest on the back of your armor, cloak, shirt, or may have a tattoo somewhere on your body.


The ranks go as follows:
Quote :

Il Dirigente
The Leader of the Pathfinders
Only one position, ever

La Guardia D'acciaio
The Steel Guard, special members who serve the Il Dirigente, very well trained, not allowed to fight unless attacked first or the Il Dirigente is in harms way
Only two positions

Le Lame di Illuminazione
The Lighting Blades, the more experienced members of the group. Known for their yellow blades, only colored yellow.
Positions may vary depending on the ammount of current members

I Coltelli Rotti
The Broken Knifes, the normal standard members of the group.
No limit to positions.

How to Join

Apply on the Application thread


1. Preserve the peace.
2. Support the group, pull your own weight.
3. We are not guards, you may continue your normal jobs as long as they preserve peace, or involve being outside the law.
4. Pointless murder is forbidden and will not tolerated. Extreme punishments will be taken.
5. Do not ever start a riot, this disrupts the peace and you will be punished
6. You will support the lower class, donate money to beggers
7. Steal food for lower class who need it
8. Defend the weak and those who cannot defend themselfs.

If there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, you may post them in the OOC Discussion thread.

If a member is creating ooc problems, please report them to me, Donixs directly on forums or over SF. (I change my name ALOT, so look for the most obscure name)

If there's anything that needs adding or editing, just let me know.
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Overview: Path Finders
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